Why You Need to Go to Miami

Many parts of Florida could be seen as enticing for those visiting this fantastic state. The history of St Augustine, the attractions of Orlando, the beautiful beaches of Tampa Bay, Florida indeed is a state made for vacations. But, there is only one state that can offer everything sought after in a Florida trip, and that is Miami. Miami is a lush and vibrant city offering something for everyone, and should indeed be experienced by everyone.

What to See

The Beach

As is to be expected, there is nothing like going to a Florida Beach, the clear water, smooth sand, and palm trees, what more could you want? Well, Miami knows the beach is one of their strongest assets, and therefore offer many much-needed refreshment locations and activities to take part in while there.

The Food

As many assume, Miami is a hub of unusual delicacies, and you would be right. Many restaurants in Miami offer traditional Cuban and islander food, which is both authentic and amazing. Restaurants have also come up offering a new variety of fusion style menus, N.Y. style pizza places, delicious bakeries and ice cream parlors, and old-fashioned burger joints. Miami has everything that you could want to satiate your hunger while also enchanting your taste buds.

The Architecture

The beautiful aesthetic of Miami is well known, as the art deco stylization of South Beach is a sight to be seen. It transports you from 2018 back to the early 20th century. This adds to the dreamlike feel of Miami as a whole, and should not be missed.


Here is a list of some attractions that you can come and enjoy while visiting Miami:

* Everglades National Park

* Bayside Marketplace

* Bayfront Park

* Zoo Miami

* Wynwood Walls Street Art

* Coral Castle

* Miami Children’s Museum

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