What to Do in Miami June 2018

As is to be expected, the start of summer can mean only one thing, Miami will have even more amazing attractions than usual. With this in mind, the problem may arise that you will have to cope with a kind of sensory overload, as it seems there is so much going on now, and it is up to you to sift through it all. Well, allow us to show you some of the best activities to take part in this summer, be it a family event, or something a little more party oriented.

Miami Events

For the Family


Gator Park Airboat Tour & Florida Everglades- Now is the perfect time to go out and see a different world that is right in our backyard. The airboat tour will show you a world ripped right out of Jurassic Park, complete with animals who have been around since dinosaurs walked the Earth.

Zoo Miami & Zoo Miami Summer Camp- Another activity to get your kids involved in with the world’s wildlife, the Miami Zoo is the perfect place to see animals you would never get a chance to see in your everyday life. On top of that, they are offering a summer camp that allows you to get a little closer to these beautiful animals.

Food Play for Kids at Garden in Wynwood- Every Sunday, Garden will be hosting an organic produce experience where children, 3-12, can create their character out of food.



American Black Film Festival- Take in and experience the beauty and artistry of this year’s ABFF, June 13th-17th. You too can celebrate black culture and the arts that come with it.

Concerts- There are quite a few concerts lined up for South Florida this June, these include:

– Maroon 5: June 17- 7:30 PM

– Enrique Iglesias, Ozuna, Steve Aoki & Farruko in Miami: June 9- 7:00 PM

– Hall and Oates & Train: June 24- 7:00 PM

– Combichrist in Fort Lauderdale: June 16- 7:00 PM

South Beach Pub Crawl- South beach will be hosting their premiere pub crawl June 9, starting at 9 pm. This will include the VIP treatment at Ultra-Club and everything it has to offer. Be sure to plan transportation accordingly.

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