New Miami Trolley in Route

Miami is getting ready to start a new venture in the form of a new trolley system that will be running from downtown to South Beach. Miami’s Mayor Francis Suarez has already sponsored this new and exciting plan, and even though the route is still in concept preliminaries, they already have it all mapped and planned out. Such an event offers many new, and exciting changes to the city of Miami, though this may go unnoticed to most. Here is what it means to have this new trolley system come to fruition.

Public Transportation

As is the case with many densely populated cities, Miami is a highly congested and busy location, leading to many people taking advantage of the public transportation systems set up. Now, with this being the case, many Miami residents find that the local city-run trolleys are more popular than the buses that are available. This shows that the decision to increase the presence of trolley’s in Miami only makes sense in the long run of making the populace more appreciative of the public transportation presented to them.

Congestion Relief

As was stated before, Miami is a famous and busy city, and with that comes an issue of congestion. The fact that there are so many people living in such a small area means that getting around is not nearly as easy as one might assume. This new trolley would help relieve that congestion by reliably reducing the amount of traffic that would be taking up the streets of Miami.

Who Does It Help the Most?

This trolley will be a boon for everyone looking to make the drive; Commissioner Manolo Reyes says that it will be seniors living in the area that will benefit the most from it. The Trolley stops were set up to allow easy access to retail and grocery stores, meaning for an easier time when one needs to go shopping.

If this trolley is approved, we can see it launched by mid-July.

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