At Royal Stays Miami our mission statement is to provide our guest a safe, enjoyable and LEGAL experience while staying in our vacation rental properties. All of Royal Stays Miami’s vacation rentals are legal vacation rental properties. All of our properties are in legal zoned districts for vacation rentals. We are able to provide any guest that request a Business tax receipt and/or a state license to operate as a vacation rental in Miami. Unfortunately, most vacation rentals in Miami Beach are illegally operated. As a guest, if you rent an illegal vacation rental you run the risk of being evicted in the middle of your stay. Below is an excerpt from the city of Miami Beach’s website:

Vacation/short-term rentals (less than six months and one day) have become popular alternatives to traditional hotels. However, pursuant to the Miami Beach City Code (Sec 142-1111) (Miami Beach Land Development Regulation – Chapter 142, Article IV, Division 3) vacation/short-term rentals are prohibited in all single-family homes and in many multi-family housing buildings in certain zoning districts of Miami Beach. Please click here for Short-Term Rental Zoning Map.

Approved vacation/short-term rentals have the proper authorization and zoning approval for this activity including a Business Tax Receipt. If a building or unit is found to be operating a short-term rental illegally, tenants/visitors will be evicted and fines will apply to the owner.